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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

In the last few years, Alteryx has expanded its international presence by launching various partnerships, and by opening offices in UK (2014) and Australia (2015). That trend continues in 2016 as we plan to open new offices in Europe and host our first European Inspire Conference. With the corresponding growth in our international user base, we also offer geocoding capabilities through Alteryx Designer with Spatial for geographies outside North America – including Australia and New Zealand, the UK, and several other countries in Europe.

There has been a growing request from our customers across the globe to make the supporting documentation in Alteryx, as well as the product itself, available in foreign languages. Case in point – the Alteryx Help portal has been visited by users in over 140 countries to date. Outside of English-speaking users in North America, the UK, and Australia, a large portion of these users reside in Western Europe, Brazil and other parts of the Asia Pacific region. In order to better serve our customers and partners in these regions, we are pleased to announce that the complete help documentation for the Alteryx platform (Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server) are now available in French, German and Brazilian Portuguese. This is just the beginning of our broader initiative to localize the Alteryx platform, and to bring the power of self-service data analytics to more users around the world.

The help documentation in other languages can be accessed here, and in the future it will also be made available directly from within the products. We welcome your feedback on the localized documentation via the Alteryx Community as it will impact our long-term localization efforts for the Alteryx platform.

Alteryx Certified Partner

That's great news! Well done. Parabéns.

Alteryx Partner

Great Job,


I sincerely believe this effort may even be handled in a crowdsourced manner.

I would love to put my and my collegues effort on spanish, turkish and several other languages...