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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Alteryx RoadshowOur Inspire 2015 conference in late May grew 50% from the year prior and saw nearly 1,000 data analysts and analytics leaders gather in Boston to celebrate Analytic Independence. We were fortunate to have fantastic speakers from many of our customers at Inspire, including Audi, The Home Depot, Cineplex, EMC, Cardinal Health, easyJet, and more – all highlighting various forms of data blending and advanced analytics and use cases spanning customer analytics, workforce analytics, safety analytics and financial analysis.


There was so much learning, passion, and sharing at this year’s Inspire conference that we felt the need to take this celebration on the road so more folks (and even those who attended Inspire) could experience use case learnings and peer-to-peer networking discussions with Alteryx users.


The Analytic Independence Roadshow is coming to 25 cities across the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia. Alteryx executives, solutions engineers, and some of our customers will be sharing cases studies where data analysts have achieved impactful and impressive business results – and have achieved Analytic Independence – by using Alteryx for data blending and advanced analytics. We are kicking off the roadshow next week in Texas and with the following seven cities throughout the Summer:


  • Austin, June 25th
  • Chicago, July 9th
  • Houston, July 21st
  • Dallas, July 23rd
  • Palo Alto, July 28th
  • Nashville, July 29th
  • Denver, July 30th

After a brief break in August we will be holding Fall events in 18 more cities including New York, London, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sydney, Atlanta, Toronto, Boston, Detroit, Charlotte and more. Check here for the complete list of cities and dates.


Come join us at the event nearest to you to learn about, experience and celebrate Analytic Independence for data analysts and business analytics leaders like yourself! And, if you’d like to share your use case(s) with your local data analyst peers, please post a comment below and someone on my team will get in touch with you.


Learn More: Roadshow Schedule