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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Among the many cloud-based sales and marketing automation platforms available today, Salesforce has become a de facto choice for organizations. Salesforce’s CRM tools have become critical for analysts seeking to align marketing and sales organizations within their companies.  As Salesforce has evolved to meet the needs of the data analysts, so has Alteryx’s connectivity to Salesforce.


With Alteryx Analytics 10.5, we continue our investment in evolving the Salesforce connector.

Salesforce connectivity was first made available with Alteryx 9.0 using the SOAP API. In the next major release, Alteryx Analytics 10.0, we migrated to using the Salesforce REST API for fast performance, simple configuration, and rapid connection to Salesforce data without requiring IT engagement; we also enabled users with the ability to retrieve data from Salesforce in JSON format.


With Alteryx Analytics 10.5, we continue our investment in evolving the Salesforce connector to maximize vendor updates and incorporate customer feedback. With the new Salesforce connecter in Alteryx Analytics 10.5, the JSON results output by Salesforce can now be auto-parsed, streamlining the initial formatting of data. In addition, we have also added search and sort-based functionality to this connector to keep pace with grow of data available within Salesforce, and make data profiling easy for analysts. Finally, for the advanced Salesforce user, the new Salesforce connector enables analysts to write custom SOQL queries, enabling analysts to search their Salesforce data for specific information.


At Alteryx, we are constantly working on improving the data source connectivity experience, and would value customer feedback. Please comment in the community and follow the Alteryx Analytics 10.5 blog series.


We welcome you to see the new Salesforce connector, and the other new features being delivered in Alteryx Analytics 10.5, by registering for our live webinar on May 26th.


In addition, we welcome you download the trial to try the new features in 10.5 for yourself.