An inspired experience for data people.
New Orleans 2020
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Introducing Analyticon

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Over the last decade the Alteryx Inspire conferences united world-class problem solvers and passionate data workers to share their enthusiasm and sharpen their skills. We’ve watched data take center stage in organizations around the globe and move to the forefront of our daily lives since then. Both data practitioners and consumers have come together to usher in a new era that reflects this emerging analytics culture. 


United We Solve


Until now, there has not been a single place for this community to unite. We know problems don’t begin and end within the Alteryx Platform, so we’re inviting the greatest minds from around the world to participate in a new festival by data people, for data people – ANALYTICON.


Our community is capable of conquering massive problems, and that will take everyone who’s passionate about data analytics working together. For those who’ve previously joined us at Inspire we’ll absolutely continue to deliver a fun, inclusive atmosphere where you can freely learn and connect with your peers.  But this is no ordinary conference. This is a festival celebrating you, your peers and the power of analytics. This is an unforgettable few days that invites each of us to grow from each others differences and leave inspired about our combined potential. This is the emergence of a global movement that’s bent on empowering limitless collaboration amongst ourselves.  


This re-imagined analytics event experience will feature:  


  • Immersive live-streaming sessions 
  • Hands-on R and Python Training
  • Data brain dates for all programming languages
  • A career fair matching talented developers with pioneering brands
  • Luminary talks with experts in advanced analytics
  • Thought leadership from a multi-disciplinary Analytics.Live stage
  • And a rocking festival atmosphere full of surprises


I’d like to personally invite you to celebrate the global movement in data analytics with us. Analyticon is an event for the curious thinker and for those ready to unleash analytics on the toughest global problems.


If you’re registered already, I can’t wait to see you there. If you haven’t registered yet, please join our incredible community.


I can’t wait to welcome you to Analyticon, kicking off this June, in New Orleans.   



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Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Icons of Analytics to the nth power!




Not only do I hoard SWAG, but I've got lots of pics too!





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Awesome, @MarqueeCrew! When will the next set of caricatures come out? I hope mine is one of them!





See you all at Analyticon 1.  







Thank you! 

Can't wait to register!



Registered.  Hotel and Flights booked.


Excited to get down there.