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Amsterdam, NL

Welcome to the Alteryx Amsterdam User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Amsterdam Alteryx User Group Leaders

Roel Esselink, ShellIrina Mihai, AdidasEgle Varnaite, NNIP

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Invitiation to Participate in Alteryx Grand Prix 2017 EMEA as a Team

Alteryx Certified Partner

Short notice, but it came a bit late to my attention: Invitiation to Participate in Alteryx Grand Prix 2017 EMEA as a Team, which I just posted on LinkedIn.


Last year, Alteryx User Groups had the honor of participating in the 2016 Alteryx Grand Prix at Inspire San Diego. This resulted in the crowning of Peter Muller (Amsterdam User Group) as champion.

For those of you who are just joining us, you may be wondering, what is the Grand Prix? Traditionally, the Alteryx Grand Prix was a data analytics “racing” competition, where constants (drivers) armed with Alteryx Designer and wit solved a series of typical data analytics challenges faster than their competitors in front of a crowd at Inspire. Sounds exciting, right?

In 2017, the Grand Prix is receiving a makeover with a new format. Instead of one driver, three drivers will form one super racing team!

Each driver will select 1 of 3 specialty topics: Favorites Categories, Spatial, and Predictive. Each person will contribute by completing a portion of a project. The project will be presented and judged by Alteryx users at Inspire Las Vegas. Be prepared for some hairpin turns, burn outs, and (maybe) crashes!

Feb 1st - Mar 31st 2017: User Groups build their teams of three, where each participant focuses on a special Alteryx skill area (data blending, predictive, or spatial)
Week of April 3rd: Teams participate in 30-minute Qualifying Rounds via WebEx, based on their Alteryx specialty
April-May 29th: Final teams work on project to present in person at Inspire on June 5th. Teams will also be asked to publish a blog showcasing their project on the Community by May 29th.

Get in touch or comment below before 31st of March if you're interested in creating a team representing The Netherlands.


More info on this topic at:

Alteryx Grand Prix 2017 Information



 Hi RIchard,


Thank you for your message and for being so proactive. I wanted to confirm that a lot of the information you shared is still correct when it comes to the EMEA Grand Prix, however that will be taking place on 12 September during our next Inspire Europe conference in London - and not in Las Vegas this June.


This meaning that you and anyone in your group excited to take part still have plenty of team to get their team set up and apply. The applications for the EMEA edition won't open till later in May. So make sure you watch out in the Community for updates on how to take part.


We'd love to have you and your team on stage at Inspire Europe this September!

 Anything else we can help with, please let us know.




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Chiara,


Am I correct that under the revised rules for the Europe Grand Prix 2017 people can register again as indiviuals instead of as a team?


Europe Grand Prix Registration at Eventbrite:


Kind regards,



Hi Richard,


Yes, that is correct. 

We have heard much feedback on the new format, and after a completed US Grand Prix, we have decided to host Inspire Europe Grand Prix in the same format as 2016. We want to ensure that the racers have a great experience at the Grand Prix as well as the audience.


The updated, official rules are as follows:

  • Recruitment process driven through the User Groups and the Community;
  • No current ACEs allowed to race
  • Qualification races will take place end of July via WebEx, with winners officially announced by mid-August.
    • Finalists must confirm Inspire registration before 9 August (their basic Inspire registration fee will be complimentary)
  • 3 final contestants on stage racing live through a series of workflows
    • Max 1 person per partner company (if you have multiple compete in the prelims, the top 1 will advance)


Racers can register here:





Friendly reminder that Grand Prix registration is still open until 17/7!

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