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Get Involved in our Community Engagement Efforts

5 - Atom

Thank you to those who were able to join our Alteryx for Good Exploration Call earlier today. If you are interested in getting involved in our Community Engagement efforts, please comment below with which areas interest you.


  1. Connect us with your Social Impact Team. If you’re currently working with a nonprofit that aligns with our focus areas let’s connect.
  2. Share Your Ideas. We’d love to hear how you want to get involved with us. What ideas do you have?
  3. Join our Q3 Volunteering Events. We host volunteer events each quarter across the US, and we invite you to join us! Locations and dates below – comment which one you’d like to attend and we will send you the invite.



If you’d like to get in touch to talk about anything related to Volunteering, Humanitarian Aid, Strategic Partnerships or Community Relations, please reach out to Lori Harder, Manager, Social Impact Global Programs.


6 - Meteoroid

Interested in the Minneapolis opportunity. 

6 - Meteoroid

I'm located in the Dallas area, and would love to participate in the NTFB volunteer event in August!

7 - Meteor

Interested in a remote or anything in Phoenix if it comes up!

6 - Meteoroid

Interested in NTFB volunteering opportunity in Dallas, TX.

7 - Meteor

Interested in the Denver FBR event. Can i extend the invite to folks at my company who are also willing to volunteer? Also would love to talk about future collabs with other non profits


11 - Bolide

Hi everyone,


Marcus Alvim from Brazil here. I will be happy to join the Virtual Opportunity next month. Could someone provide me the path to reach there?

7 - Meteor

I am in for Ann Arbor and I might be able to convince up to 3 co-workers to come as well. 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I am not based in the United States, I'd love to be part of the Virtual Opportunity! Hoping for more participation virtually! :)

Calvin Tang
Alteryx ACE
5 - Atom

Interested in Ann Arbor (I'm one of dhovey's co-workers)