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alteryx Use Cases

Learn how you can leverage Alteryx in your organization.
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Welcome to the Alteryx Use Cases library!

How has Alteryx impacted your life? How does Alteryx make you feel? Want to know how Alteryx has impacted others? One customer proudly stated “After adding it up, we found an annual savings of 7,736 hours per year! In that time, you could run 1,700 marathons, fill 309,000 gas tanks or watch 3,868 movies!!”

A captivating use case describes the business challenge being addressed, who interacts with that process, and how the solution delivers impactful business results. We invite you to tell your Alteryx story, whether you're just getting started or have been using the platform for some time. Share your work by including your workflow design and best practices. It’s all about how you are transforming your organization into becoming a badass, analytics fueled, data driven business. You and every story matter!

When you submit a use case, you are automatically entered to win an Excellence Award which recognizes the best of the best. We also encourage you to join the Advocacy.Amplified program that rewards you for your support of Alteryx. See side bar for more details!


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Customers and business partners around the world are doing fantastic things and are getting compelling results with Alteryx. They share their stories and experiences through many channels, from endorsing the platform with a prospective customer to delivering a presentation at a user group or Inspire conference. Stories can be captured through use cases, webinars, podcasts and video testimonials. Experiences can also be shared through social networks and various communities or forums.

This program is FREE. You get rewarded for the things that you are already doing in support of Alteryx. You are in full control! You decide what you want to share and how you want to share it! Learn more about the customer and partner programs by reviewing the program details below.

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