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Workout Analysis with Strava + Alteryx

2018 Excellence Awards Entry: Workout Analysis with Strava + Alteryx 
Name: Digan Parikh
Title: Enterprise Sales Engineer
Company: Alteryx 
Overview of Use Case:

I love exploring the outdoors! I like to go on runs/hike and have been using an app called Strava. Strava tracks my statistics such as elevation, distance, speed, latitude, longitude and related areas. This helps me better understand my workouts, trails that I have hiked on and acts as a repository for my activity.


Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve:


I needed to find a way where I could bring in the data from the Strava app in order to analyze it. I also wanted to have all the information about my trips in one location rather than scrolling through my activities in the app. Currently, Strava does not have the ability to compare activities side by side nor a compare with friend’s option.

Describe your working solution:


Some of you might not know, but you can use Alteryx Designer to actually pull the data using API's from the app to look at different kinds of data (your speed, time, elevation etc..). I built out a connector using the HTML SDK that pulls in data from my Strava app. Below is what it looked like upon completion:


2018-09-07_13-00-06.pngHTML SDK Workflow
Front end of the tool:
2018-09-07_12-59-34.pngHow the Connector looks up
I also scheduled this on the Gallery where I would get an weekly email with a summary of a report. The dashboard was created in Tableau!
2018-09-07_12-00-57.pngTableau Dashboard
Describe the benefits you have achieved:

With this connector, I was able to create a single repository where I can bring in the data and create reports on a weekly basis. I was also able to compare my rolling activities, week over week, as well as bring information from my friends into the mix. I was able to use the scheduling feature of Alteryx Gallery and schedule this report on a weekly basis. This saved me time to create my own report weekly and compare my activity statistics weekly, saving about 30 minutes each week. Not only it was a fun and exciting project, but also I learned a lot on the technical side of things! I learned how to create a connector using the HTML SDK. I also shared this connector with my colleagues and the community because I am sure there are tons of Alteryx-Strava users out there.


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