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Vector Logistics Going Beyond with Data Automation

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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Overview of Use Case

Vector is a Sales, Merchandising and Supply Chain partner adding value to businesses through a fully integrated, temperature - controlled network in Southern Africa. Significant time was being spent by Vector in mapping efforts involved with multiple data sets within the customer analytics area. Users would manually extract files from SAP and consolidate it with files received in email attachments using Microsoft Excel and the Power Query functions. Users would complete this process for roughly 4 days per month, upon ad-hoc requests. Initial results suggest that the use case has improved the response time from 4 days to nearly 2-3 days which translates to a reduction in process times of between 25-50%.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

The customers’ key challenge is that they were spending a substantial amount of time mapping efforts involved with multiple datasets within the customer analytics area. The user would need to manually extract files from SAP and consolidate it with files received in email attachments, using Excel and the Microsoft Power Query functions. The user would complete this process for approximately 4 days per month and upon ad-hoc requests through employee changes (new hires/resignations/role changes).


There was a need to create an automated workflow which will significantly reduce manual efforts in extracting, mapping, and cleansing data that was previously done using Power Query. Map unstructured IRI/Shoprite/PNP Portal data to SAP BW data, thereby reducing efforts involved with cleansing data previously completed using “text to columns”, “vlookup” and other manual interventions. Optimise the call cycle creation by combining a variety of sources and by using Alteryx’s predictive tools.


Describe your working solution

The solution recommended to the client is an Alteryx deployment comprising of 2 parts (4 phase approach ranging from planning to executive feedback). The decision for this deployment stemmed from the business problem we needed to solve: Improve response time to updates call cycles using the Alteryx platform. Alteryx is the leading platform for Analytic Process Automation (APA) that allows anyone to easily share data, automate tedious and complex processes, and turn data into results.




The Alteryx platform is natively integrated with existing Ecosystems (PowerBI, SAP, etc.) and provides end-to-end analytics, data science and process automation.




Describe the benefits you have achieved
  • Between $2,500 - $5,000 in potential savings can be realized through single use case implementation.
  • Improved risk management with non-invasive technology that can be overlaid on existing systems & integrated with existing data, minimizing disruption to existing IT strategy and architecture.
  • Accuracy - The right result, decision or calculation the first time around.
  • Consistency - Identical processes and tasks, therefore eliminating output variances.
  • Speed - Rapid deployment of tools and models to enable a more data driven decision is supported. Response time improved from 4 days to nearly 2-3 days which translates to a reduction in process times of between 25-50%.
  • Enhanced capability - Enhanced data analysis skillset developed using advanced data preparation techniques which drives new insights.
  • Transparency - Transparent and easy to follow workflows create audit trails.
  • Return on Investment - Savings realized through the implementation of 1 use case covers 25-50% of licensing costs.
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5 - Atom

Great software with ample capabilities, resources and great support! After using Alteryx and DVW over the past year,  Excel has become somewhat unfamiliar (in a good way). Looking to the future, we're implementing our pipeline of use cases to accelerate our Digital Transformation journey at Vector.


5 - Atom

It's wonderful to see Alteryx in action.