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Smart City Analytics For Solid Waste Management

Alteryx Certified Partner
Created on
2018 Excellence Awards Entry: Smart City Analytics For Solid Waste Management
Name: Khader Ansari
Title: Data Analyst
Company: Simple Analytics
Overview of Use Case

The amount of solid waste is increasing due to rapid urbanization and economic growth. Limited financial resources and lack of data availability about the amount and composition of the solid waste are posing difficulties to regulatory bodies towards the proper planning of solid waste management systems in big cities. Also, solid waste generation and characterization are the essential parameters that affect the environmental sustainability. Results of this study can help the government to develop a sound waste management system for such expanding cities in the country.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

We live in a society that produces a lot of waste, yet we must simultaneously be conscious about the environment. So it is important for the management in charge of solid waste and garbage trucks to bear the impact of their business on the environment in mind. Garbage trucks are time-consuming with less productivity by deploying manpower posing critical threats to sanitary workers. We used data from the second-largest economic state with $240 billion. We used Alteryx to analyze how to manage and recycle solid waste effectively with no danger to the environment.

Describe your working solution

We used many tools in Alteryx to build the analytic smart city solution. The report was originally formatted as a  .csv file and additional data was imported using the text input tool. The data was then prepared using tools like cleansing, auto field, and select tools to remove unwanted characters, nulls, white spaces, and duplicates. After the cleanse, the data is ready to be blended for further analysis. The team uses join tools to process a diverse set of data that requires convergence for a meaningful analysis. Later, the shape and format of the data is restructured and reshaped in order for the data to be analyzed by a variety of transformation tools such as crosstab, transform, and summation.The final step is to export the analyzed data to Reporting tools in Alteryx. This final step uses data visualization as a way to simplify findings. Data is presented in a pictorial or graphical format so other individuals can grasp the difficult concepts and hidden analytic patterns. patterns to see analytics presented visually in a pictorial or graphical format.


Describe the benefits you have achieved

The Smart city analytics in Solid Waste Management provides prescriptive analysis on how to manage and recycle solid waste effectively with no danger to the environment. This solution is sent to the "Corporation" and waiting for their response. Simple Analytics helps the solid waste management board to build a green and clean city.and helps the waste disposal and management board to attain the following benefits:

  • Amount of expenditure on fuel can be reduced.
  • Time efficient and volume of traffic can be reduced.
  • Increase in the productivity of the vehicles.
  • Reduces threat to the health of sanitary workers.
  • Effective & easy transportation.