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Signet Jewelers Transforms to Alteryx Enterprise Deployment by Winning the People’s Heart

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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Overview of Use Case

Signet Jewelers is known in the United States by our brands Kay Jewelers, Zales, Piercing Pagoda, as well as in our brands in Canada and in the UK. Signet Jewelers is amid a three-year corporate strategic turnaround plan called “Path to Brilliance.” The team at Signet is tackling three pillars of the plan: Customer First, Omnichannel, and Culture of Agility and Efficiency. They are cultivating a Culture of Agility and Efficiency with the right platform, people, and processes, while changing the hearts and minds of the user community and gaining executive buy-in. In ten years, Signet overcame challenges, built a true community of passionate analysts, and expanded from three Alteryx licenses to an Enterprise Deployment.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

The path to brilliance is something our company instituted about a year and a half ago. It is three strategic priorities. Customer first, omnichannel, and a culture of agility and efficiency.


While there's usually a fight between IT and departments over control of the data or control versus freedom. The IT department wants to make sure there's a highly curated data set with no mistakes in it. Often it takes a long period of time to obtain this data, since they don't move at the speed of business. The departments, on the other hand, are agile and nimble. They buy all these tools. How do you then make sure that there's this optimal relationship between IT and the departmental analytics?


We wanted to deploy the Alteryx Enterprise Licenses by coordination and convincing the right people in the organization to buy-in.

Describe your working solution

Alteryx has done a great job in helping us gain a deeper understanding of customer analytics. We began using Alteryx to gain efficiencies in reporting and found that task which previously took three days and two people now take less than a minute with Alteryx workflows. Given that success, our company has made strategic efforts to create a formal process to ensure collaboration between IT and the Business.


We have formally instituted this enterprise analytics team to serve as a bridge between IT and the departmental leadership. We formed the Data Governance Committee and the Analytic Community of Excellence (ACOE). Our Data Governance Committee meets monthly and we discuss how can we build an enterprise data warehouse that meets all the needs for the business. At the last ACOE meeting, we had about 60 people. We get together on a quarterly basis and have our teams present use cases, discuss business problems and collaborate to share how Alteryx is used to solve problems 

We have an Alteryx data champion, a Tableau champion and five Ace Ambassadors. We call them Ace Ambassadors because it's an Analytic Community of Excellence. They're within the company in different departments, playing a facilitator role. We also use it to promote our local user groups. We lead the Cleveland user group and promote it internally on our sites to make sure that people are aware.


Additionally, we have weekly lab hours. They're not always utilized, but we make them to ensure our talent is accessible to the teams. We also prioritize the Alteryx Core certification, highly encouraging the Advanced certification.


The IT Team

The IT team needs to provide the internal support to make sure systems are working. They need to ensure Alteryx Server is getting upgraded and Alteryx Connect is configured. The analysts. You need to get buy-in from the people in those communities because you have a lot of people that have used a lot of different tools and they don’t understand why we need more tool. And then finally the bigger overarching thing is making sure the executive leadership is on board with not only funding but also allowing their team members to spend time taking something they used to do the old way and investing time in doing something the new way now.


How to do it? What happened the first time around we were doing a proof of concepts. It was a nine-month proof of concept and we had executive sponsorship and buy-in. We then had to fill a 20+ page document and define the criteria for success for the proof of concept. How it worked out the success criteria were met, and we did get the approval to go live with an enterprise deployment. And it really made me realize the importance of that IT relationship. You need to have an IT champion to make sure that you have that buy-in. If you can find support within IT, it makes things so much easier. 


The Analysts

How do you get people to give up the way they used to do things? I started to appeal to some of the things that Dean talks about how Alteryx gives you your life back, how it makes you enjoy what you used to do or what you do now, how it makes you do the job that you were hired to do instead of like do the job of constantly working with data.


I talk about blending data sets. How many times our departments have to reach to multiple departments to get an Excel file. Then they have to join it to a database that they have, and that's a difficult process for them. It's time-consuming. Sometimes even get to exceed the limitations of the software Excel and the million-row thing and Access exceeds the maximum size of a database. I also explain to them it's not only about joining data from within the organization, but you can also enrich your data. I talk about them about the errors. Nobody likes to get caught with errors, especially after you've worked on something. With the workflow, you're taking away a lot of those errors.


Finally, I ask them “How many of you want to be replaced by a data scientist?" And then no hands go up for that one. Then, I basically say, "Look. This is something that to stay relevant in your career, it will help you because it lowers that barrier of getting into analytics."


The Executive leadership

In terms of working with executives, what you need to look at from an executive team is what is the bottom-line financial impact. How is this affecting my business from either cost savings or revenue-generating options that you're giving me now that you're using this software? For them, you need to go out potentially to the departments that are utilizing Alteryx. You’ll have to be able to tell them about something that you're doing that's saving the company money or something that you've uncovered that will allow the company to make more money. 


Know that one person or a small team can make a big difference. If you're thinking about some of the things that are going on in your company today and you think Alteryx, or a combination of Alteryx and another tool will work for you, speak up. Change can be difficult so be persistent in making that change happen.

Describe the benefits you have achieved

When thinking about the payoff with Alteryx, we’ve had tremendous success with this platform. Since November, we have run over 100k workflow and as you can imagine, we're blown away by some of the results. We have numerous use cases with time savings across the board, streamlined reporting with fewer errors, and increased connections between Alteryx and other tools. We've also had specific use cases where our team found the purchase drivers of online users by analyzing data in Alteryx. We've had warranty programs that we've been able to get to the field faster and more accurate. There are countless stories that have justified our Alteryx footprint. 



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