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Alteryx Use Cases

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Shifting the Process of Schools Quality Assessment in Thailand from Weeks to Hours Using Alteryx

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Overview of Use Case

The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) was established in Thailand according to the 1999 National Education Act that emphasizes the importance of quality assurance and national education standards. The office is an independent body set up to develop the criteria, methods for external assessment of educational institutions under the national education law. The ONESQA became operational in November 2000 and it must appraise every school at least once every 5-year cycle. However, the assessment includes more than 60,000 schools, pre-schools and vocational schools across the country every single year. The Assessment Bureau uses Alteryx heavily to pursue the mission. It helps us to save a lot of time and human resources, from 12 officers to 1 officer and from weeks to hours.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

For ONESQA, we are conducting the assessment for more than 60,000 schools, pre-schools and vocational schools across the country every year. We used to outsource the assessment processes to an external party who had to deal with the data. However, due to new policies, all the processes were brought back to the department where we had to manually match the schools to the assessors so as to match the applicable assessor to audit the right school. For example, we are only matching the assessment of a primary school in the Northern region with the assessor who has a background in primary school management and residing in the Northern region.


With the huge amount of educational institutions across the country and more than 1,000 assessors with extremely detailed profiles, it took a lot of time and manual work to complete the entire process. We used to have a team of 12 to help matching the profiles / schools / region manually - which took weeks to complete.


Due to the nature of such manual tasks, the huge amount of data are prone to human errors, so we started to look out for a better solution to solve the issue.

Describe your working solution

Our IT department found the service of STelligence, one of the Alteryx partners in Thailand and they introduced us to Alteryx, together with Tableau to help us better manage the data. The original data source we got from the Development Bureau came to us as Excel files. Alteryx helps us to prep & blend the data, along with automatically matching the profiles of schools and the assessors, finally projecting the results into a Tableau dashboard. 


The process begins with 2 sets of data:

  1. The data of educational organizations all over the country which includes school name, region, district, etc.
  2. The data of the people who applied to be the assessors which include their name, education, working experience, residing location and the area they prefer to work in.


After we get the 2 data set, we need to match them by using some certain criteria. For example, one team consists of 3 assessors who are doing different role - which we have to match their profiles with the roles. We use Alteryx to filter the criteria and match them accordingly. Moreover, we also need to use Alteryx workflow to match the profile of the assessors with schools in the region according to specific criteria. For example, to avoid any bias that may happen, assessors who prefer to assess the schools in the North will only audit the school in the Northern region but not in the same province where they are originally from.




We also use Alteryx data and project the results to Tableau to visualize which area does not have enough assessors and have to recruit more. 

Describe the benefits you have achieved

We managed to see the result much faster than ever. When we were still manually managing the data, we saw a lot of errors and it took a lot of time and it cost a lot to fix the errors. We shifted the working process from weeks to hours! With Alteryx, we are more confident that the data will be more reliable than it used to be. It also helped us to automate the processes which we do not have to keep asking the data from other parties anymore. In terms of man-hour, we reduced a team of 12 people to just 1 person now that the process has been automated in Alteryx.

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