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Salesforce Analytics at a Leading Distributor of Meal Vouchers

Alteryx Partner
2018 Excellence Awards: Salesforce Analytics at a Leading Distributor of Meal Vouchers

Name: Altan Atabarut
Title: Analytics Consultant
Company: Edenred, TR
Overview of Use Case:

Edenred is a pre-paid corporate services company and the inventor of Ticket Restaurant. Ticket Restaurant is a leading distributor of meal vouchers.


ticket restaurant.png


Analyzing customer spending and affiliate behavior is key to revenue stimulation:


  • Which company loads cards on a frequent basis?
  • What is the ticket size in any industry and size of firms for monthly loading of meal vouchers?
  • Based on loading and spending behaviour which segments are profitable and how can we find similar prospective clients?
  • How do employees spend their vouchers on a single day?
  • Where are some popular addresses?
  • What are the daily expense amounts?
  • Who needs top-ups?
Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve


Data is stored in disparate data sources. Transactional data is on SQL Server,

Some affiliate and customer information is on Salesforce Cloud, client related campaign data resides on excel and alike. Many affiliate and potential clients’ related data that are entered by field staff and have double triple records. Customer and affiliate CRM, customer relations data needs to be merged with transactional and daily data, cleansed, deduplicated and maintained on Salesforce for single source of truth.


Describe your working solution:

We used Alteryx Designer to collect a variety of:


  • Excel,

  • Log (CSV)

  • Salesforce data


Describe the benefits you have achieved:


Data is enriched using the Google API integration for Geocoding, and 3rd party POI map data for affiliates. All data is cleansed using fuzzy matching tools and combined into insights. There had been miscommunications due to multiple repeating records. Aggregating data and deduplications with mainly fuzzy matching tool cleared these forms of communication errors. Moving data from SQL and Salesforce to Excel tables and processing took long hours if the data fits to 1 mio record limit which often does not. Adding spatial data also provided a totally different dimension to customer insights too.