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New Ground Lease System - Amsterdam (400.000+ houses)

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2018 Excellence Awards Entry: New Ground Lease System - Amsterdam (400.000+ houses)
Name: Sander de Clerck
Title: Senior Consultant
Company: Republiq
Overview of Use Case:

The municipality of Amsterdam has been granting ground leases since 1896. Until recently, this was done by means of a system of continuous ground lease whereby the amount of the ground rent was adjusted in line with the actual land value every fifty or hundred years. Today, a ‘perpetual ground lease’ is also possible. In such case, the amount of the ground rent is determined only once and the leaseholder is allowed to buy out his payment of obligations as a lump sum. We analyzed and calculated the value for over 280.000 individual ground leases total worth over € 5 billion.


Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve:

The municipality of Amsterdam decided to change their ground lease system. Because of this decision, over 400.000 house owners can change their ground lease regime. We used Alteryx to get insights into the financial consequences for all the individual land owners. To get the insights we combined more than 10 different datasets, improved the data (data cleaning) and created insights in the financial impact. The input we created is now used in an online portal in which the individual house owners can get an online offer for the new system.


Describe your working solution:

We combined different large input files (mainly CSV) and made complex financial calculations. We generated output ready for the databases of the municipality (CSV) and spatial files to get geographical insights. We calculated the individual property values based on their specifics and the average value of comparable houses in the street and neighborhood. With the spatial tools we created insights in the calculated values throughout the city.


amsterdam- visual.png




Describe the benefits you have achieved:

Within just a few months, the municipality of Amsterdam gained insight to the financial impact of the new ground lease system. At the beginning of the project the expected project time was at least 1 year. This project was lead by 2 of our consultants with just minimal Alteryx-experience (at the beginning of the project). Because of its ‘easy-to-use-interface’ they both got up to speed really quick which made the project a great success. Both of the consultants now use Alteryx in different new projects (i.a. a valuation model for a housing corporation with 10.000+ houses). Before we used Alteryx the calculations took several hours, now it is done in a couple of minutes. This makes it much easier to make adjustments to the model.  


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