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LATAM Private Bank Saves 33,000 Hours with Alteryx

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Overview of Use Case
The operations department of one of Latin America's largest banks uses Alteryx Designer to automate a number of manual processes, including data capture, consolidation, processing, and output. Since 2018, through their Alteryx hackathon initiative, they have implemented over 30 solutions, ended costly procedures, and saved up to 500 hours a year in a single data consolidation process.
Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

A lot of our work is spend in data processing. Before Alteryx, we did almost everything on Access and Excel. The main problem was that there was too much manual labor and too much time spent bringing in data and doing ETL. In short, we were more prone to mistakes.


The data we receive is also not structured; and much of it comes in spreadsheets and text files. We needed to automate multiple processes in different departments to be more efficient and improve the quality of the results, thus eliminating duplicate errors and efforts.  


Describe your working solution

I already knew Alteryx and knew it was an extremely didactic and performative tool, so I suggested that we do a hackathon with Alteryx to present the platform to other teams inside the bank. Together with CSC, Alteryx's partner, we launched the hackathon in March 2018, and it was a success. We finished the event already with solutions deployed and now we are going to the fourth edition. With this initiative, we have won an internal award for People Who Make a Difference in the Joint Work category.


The hackathon works like this: First, teams submit cases that they need help with. Then, groups are formed of technical people, developers, analysts, and trainees. Most people do not know Alteryx Designer yet. The groups have a week to create solutions using Alteryx Designer, then we present to the board, and the winner wins a prize.


We currently have 60 Alteryx Designer licenses, and we estimate that we save 33,000 hours. With Alteryx, the results and output are very tangible. We have around 30 solutions that came from the hackathon. See below some cases that we developed in hackathon with Alteryx:


Service Tax (ISS)

This was an extremely manual process and subject to a high fine. Using Alteryx Designer, we now import data from different sources, build workflows to clean the data, and output in Excel format.


Streamline and reassure the statement of the CJ (internal system)

Before, we extracted and manipulated all of the data manually in Excel. Analysts stacked spreadsheets to make dynamic tables. With Alteryx, this process today is very dynamic and super fast; we recorded 500 hours of efficiency in this project alone.


Reconciliation of escrow deposits

We wanted to improve the process that already existed. We received several databases of state banks in Brazil of consolidated information on escrow deposits. We used to capture this information in Excel and use SAS to try to process better than Excel. It did not work; we created intermediary bases and still had to increase calculations in Excel.


The processing of information was extremely costly. We ended up changing all this for Alteryx and it was much simpler. Now, we can connect the databases, process everything in Alteryx Designer, and generate the consolidated information on escrow deposits from state banks.


Although we gained 500 hours per year of efficiency only in the consolidation of information, the biggest gain was in reducing the risk of inconsistency in the conciliation part. 


Describe the benefits you have achieved

We are still beginners at Alteryx, but even so, it has already revolutionized a lot in the company. In addition to efficiency, Alteryx brought a cultural change. You do not have to be a programmer or an expert to manipulate data.


The people who participate in our hackathon love Alteryx. They find it an extremely easy tool to use. The fact that you can do a whole ETL using drag and drop, and with a CTRL+R you can see everything in seconds, amazes everyone!


Our directors are impressed with Alteryx because we run the workflows while we are presenting in meetings, and they can see the results on the spot.


Another advantage of the hackathon with Alteryx is that it encourages departments to create other solutions and expand horizons. Once the teams know the platform, they implement a series of other solutions in their area.