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Johnson & Johnson Automates 95% of their Compliance Training Process

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Overview of Use Case

At Johnson & Johnson, healthcare compliance training is a fundamental element of our compliance program. Ensuring we are meeting targets is a key success goal for the organization. We created a comprehensive end-to-end approach to target, track and provide transparency into annual compliance training. Using Alteryx Designer and Server and Tableau, we have eliminated the fragmented and manual process, which took days for the Health Care Compliance Office (HCCO) to produce a report. It is now centralized, automated and instantly available reporting process. The impact across each of our 100+ HCCO's has led to shorter compliance cycles, productive conversations with leadership and valuable insights.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve 

We have over 240,000 people in Johnson and Johnson, including contractors and employees. Compliance is seven different pillars in a good compliance program. Training is just one of them. The HCCOs have to support the business for a variety of different things. In the past, it was a very manual, independent process to figure out who they needed to target for training. We train around 120,000 people on annual compliance each year. When thinking about the follow-up scale for that amount of people when you're trying to get to a 95,000-completion rate, it gets a little bit complicated unless you have a really good way to organize it and get people to access to that information in an easy way.


Before we got involved in helping to automate the compliance program, it was done literally by pulling Excel sheetsfrom the HR data systems country by country.You'd get data out from the learning management system manually, and you'd have to review it and figure out who your people were based on the list you did before. Then you'd have to follow up with them in some capacity. And then finally, being able to do some analytics about how long the cycle took, and what you could do better from a communications standpoint to improve on getting your numbers faster.

Describe your working solution

Alteryx has a touchpoint in all four of the training cycles now, which are:

  1. Audience Identification
  2. Tracking Completions
  3. Follow Up with Users
  4. Metrics/Analysis

We have a variety of different jobs and workflows that we run to facilitate all these steps in the process. There are administrators for each system that were involved. For example, the Learning Management System had administrators that would get requests for reports and data, HR administrators or people in the IT side would also get requests for data. We eliminated the need for all of that. Everything is being centralized, and all the data sources are connected now through one centralized process.





We have about two dozen scheduled workflows on Alteryx Server that runs daily that are related to some component of the training process. We also integrate heavily with SharePoint for storage of mapping lists as well as data results from the most critical jobs. The final dashboard product that is leveraged by our colleagues and business partners is stored in Tableau Server.  Since we are able to automatically update the Tableau data each day – users know they are seeing as close to real-time data as we can get from our Learning Management System.




Another example is the Audience Identification Process. Alteryx workflow incorporates the batch file execution to create the necessary placeholder files, shift files to different folders and to archive the entire weekly run (all files that are created).

Describe the benefits you have achieved
Full end to end process has been impacted every step of the way by Alteryx – from Audience ID to assisting with data loads for targeting in our Learning Management System to segmenting the audience by HCCO for tracking and reporting purposes.


Before Alteryx:
Time-consuming process requiring heavy manual work. In the past, before we had the Alteryx implementation, there would be a request for an HCCO to get data. They'd have to sit and parse through it literally line by line. This was the same on the reporting side for getting the audiences identified as well as getting access to Learning Management System data during the launch periods.


After Alteryx:
1. Dramatic shift in the timing.
2. Process overall hasn’t had a major change, but we have automated 95% of it.
3. Things are now measured in minutes or hours versus days or weeks.
4. Data refresh daily – having info that is no more than 24 hours old was a tremendous leap from the prior process where data could be a few days or even a week old by the time it was used for communication purposes.


When I use Alteryx, I feel like a superhero, and I am battling the villain: slow, manual and outdated processes. My aha moment with Alteryx was saying goodbye to Vlookups. This was a frequent thing I would do in Excel when comparing two data sets.

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