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Data Discovery for All with Alteryx Connect

Overview of Use Case

Before data can ever be mined for insights, users must know it exists. ADP implemented Alteryx Connect to make data discoverable and searchable for their company. The Business Intelligence team ensured that Connect received the attention it warranted by marketing it internally like a hot, new blockbuster with teaser videos, pilot programs, and a strategic marketing campaign. ADP also shares an example of the work that came out of their data-democratization journey—a predictive NPS model they built using Alteryx Designer tools.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve
ADP has about twice as much data as Facebook. We have our client’s data, we have our clients’ employee’s data, we have all sorts of data about everything and anything. As an organization, we struggled with finding a solution to wrangle and manage all our data, something most people can probably resonate with. We needed a reliable way to store and share data, while connecting users in a single location. Thankfully, we came across the one ecosystem that solved all our problems, Alteryx.
Describe your working solution

Once we realized Alteryx would alleviate most of our data challenges, we needed user support within ADP to ensure success. The first thing we did to promote Connect was create a teaser video to introduce users to the platform and its functionality. Users could see how Connect solves most data wrangling challenges and lets them get to data faster while integrating with other tools and individuals. This helped make internal buy-in much smoother. 


Fast forward a few months, we setup pilot programs so users could access data, workflows, reports and dashboards all within Connect. Instead of creating or finding that pesky Tableau dashboard leaders were asking for, they could easily point to the correct dashboard or data source. The search functionality is crucial, categorizing by the different parts of the business. My team manages a $4 billion book of business for human capital. From our landing page, we see all the recent activity, what everyone has clicked on, and what they've looked at and edited. This functionality is crucial to keep track of files across such a large organization.  




Let’s say our CEO comes to us and asks about Net Promoter Score (NPS) numbers. How do we find this? With Connect, all we’d have to do is go to the search bar, type in NPS. We’ll see the dashboards, the glossary, and we can also certify the asset, seeing a SME has verified this source. If we scroll down further, we see Net Promoter Scores tied to a table and when we click that table, it'll take us to the data asset, with all the client surveys. As an analyst, you don't need to ask more questions and waste time waiting for responses, you can take action. 


To test this theory out. I made a model to predict our client’s satisfaction using data from Connect and a workflow in Designer. With only a limited knowledge of predictive tools and a little help from the Alteryx Community, I was able to produce a model that was within 83% accuracy of our actual client satisfaction. Hopefully, I get promoted for that.


These are just a few of the many ways users at ADP are using Connect. If you haven't got it yet, I highly recommend you do because it's going to save you a ton of time, energy, and money. There's a huge ROI for this and we haven't even scratched the surface. No matter where you are on your analytic journey, Alteryx is going to help guide you and take you where you want to go.  


Describe the benefits you have achieved

Our Alteryx adoption helped us transform the culture and the way data is managed at ADP. We are now enabled to drive solutions faster, trust our data, and have social interactions, all within one ecosystem. As a result, ADP has seen increased internal social activity, accelerated times frames, and better business decisions. We will continue to find innovative ways of using the Alteryx platform to drive change for our business and customers.

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