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Compensar Uses Designer to Create and Push XML Files


Overview of Use Case

Compensar is a Colombian private social security entity whose purpose is the development of families, workers, and companies. They are using Alteryx for data prep and blend and predictive analytics in their financial services, planning, and corporate management departments. Learn in this use case how Compensar is using Alteryx Designer to create XML files to update web services.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve
The business challenge was to verify that all the information being processed and going to the web service is correct.
Describe your working solution
Together with iTPerforma, an Alteryx partner in Colombia, Compensar’s team created several workflows to get tags in an XML file and push it to the web service.
  • Build a workflow that blends different data sources (EPS, Kactus, Orbita) that serves as input to the XML file
  • Modify the 7 Business information management workflows
  • Adjust and tests the workflows 
  • Create a macro that also saves the files in the local server in case the web call fails
  • Create a workflow that moves the processed files to another folder

We created different workflows that collect information from the Kactus and Orbita databases and generated files in XML format to send to the web service.


Workflow CreacionXML.ywmc: this workflow builds the XML files that are sent to the web service.

  Flujograma LlamarWS_Creacion.png

Workflow LlamarMacroWS.yxmd: this workflow brings the data that come from different database (EPS, Kactus, Orbita) and connect to the macro to verify line byline.


 Flujograma LlamarMacro.png


Workflow Moverarchivos.yxmd: We run this workflow after the macro. It validates the files in case the web call fails, and it moves the processed files to a folder.


 Flujograma MoverArchivos.png


Workflow CargaOrbita&Kactus.yxmd: This workflow is connected to Orbita and Kactus’ databases to bring the user's data. With these data, the corresponding files are created for the input of the LlamarMacroWS workflow.


Flujograma CargaOrbita&Kactus.png



Describe the benefits you have achieved
 Alteryx workflows allowed us to collect and verify the information we needed. In addition, the macro allows us to create backup files in case something happens and we lose connection to the web calls.


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