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Calculating and Assigning Quotas to Sales

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Overview of Use Case

The Sales Operations team leverages Alteryx extensively to help execute its responsibilities. Many tasks are very data-centric. Alteryx helps automate these manual processes that are prone to errors: quotas; territories; incentive payments; resource planning etc. Using Alteryx Designer, quotas can now be identified and allocated in seconds not hours.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve
Before automating this process, when we had a new hire our sales team used to calculate their quota manually based on the hire date, sales team, region, and many other variables. To speed up this process and to cut down on human error our goal was to automate the quota process, so every time we have a new hire, when they are added to our database, we can pull their information and based on all the different parameters we can calculate their quota automatically.

Describe your working solution

The workflow map below shows the process of calculating and assigning quotas to Account Executives and managers. We use this workflow to calculate NB, NBEC and ECUR quotas. To calculate their ECUR quota the workflow takes all input from Salesforce, groups all the opportunities together and outputs their ECUR quota.





After we have all their quotas automated, we must assign a plan to the new hires. That process had a lot of manual input from different spreadsheets too. Now, we have a workflow that joins the data from the quota workflow with both the master territory file and the signature trackers. With that, we have all the necessary data we need to figure out the new hire plan type as well as their incentive variable rates.

Describe the benefits you have achieved

By automating this process, we canceled out errors and it’s now a lot more reliable. Quotas can now be identified and allocated in seconds not hours.

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