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Alteryx Your Conference Plan

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Overview of Use Case
Alteryx hosts it’s Inspire Conference three times a year in different parts of the world. In each location, attendees are welcomed into an immersive experience where they learn, share and network with others within the Alteryx Community and beyond. At Inspire our attendees can select from over 200 hands-on training and breakouts sessions designed for beginners to experts. Not to mention all the fun events like the Alter.Nation, Grand Prix, Guest keynotes, Welcome Party, Evening Receptions and a Closing Bash. It’s an extensive agenda and to avoid conflicts and errors the Global Events Team used Alteryx Designer to analyze staffing and scheduling.
Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve
Staffing over 500 hundred Alteryx employees across 4 days in over 100+ various areas of the Inspire program frequently results in scheduling conflicts, under-utilized team members, unstaffed areas of conference programming and unnecessary housing costs. We needed to establish a plan to efficiently and correctly schedule, confirm and maximize our required Alteryx team at our Inspire Conferences from breakouts sessions to ancillary programs.
Describe your working solution 

Conference Staff Planning

  • Blended HR Data with Approved Lists to Establish List of Available Staffers
  • Cleansed Staffer List for Inconsistencies Across Inputs
  • Merged the Data with Housing + Registration Reports
  • Tallied Who Had Been Invited, Booked, and Registered for EMEA Staffing Success

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Conference Agenda Reporting

  • Blended Speaker Data Reports with Session Details for holistic reporting
  • Enabled updates to the web in reduced turnaround time
Describe the benefits you have achieved
  • Optimized Staff Schedules to Ensure Schedules at +60%
  • Eliminated Double Booking of Staff
  • Obtained Full Program Coverage
  • Savings in Travel and Expenses estimated at $75-90K based on eliminated of 30 additional staffers
  • Data from all angles that translates to Web, in a manual process taking 4 hours a week reduced to 30 minutes
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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