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Alteryx Drives Data Migration from Apttus CPQ to Salesforce CPQ

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Overview of Use Case

Alteryx Salesforce CPQ Project team used Alteryx Designer to create repeatable workflows to rapidly identify, map, alter, transform and migrate multiple types of  Apttus CPQ current and historical data (accounts, contacts, opportunities, contracts, assets line items, quotes and proposals) into Salesforce CPQ. Without Alteryx Designer, the team would have had to hire 1 - 2 contract developers to  write lines of SQL code to extract data from Apttus from multiple objects and custom objects, then out to a file format from a new system with new schemas and objects/fields etc. Once that is completed, the team would have had to create multiple Excel spreadsheets to map, cleanse and transform data into a load file for data migration. Writing SQL Code and spreadsheets would increase project timeline by at least 4 months. Instead of a 5 month implementation timeline, this would have been a 9 to 12 month implementation due to the complexity of the data migration.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

Data migration for any application implementation is one of the most critical workstreams that will determine a project’s success or failure. The challenge for us was how do we migrate in-flight quotes, current and historical data from one platform and schema to a new platform and schema while meeting new requirements and processes. To resolve this issue, the team would have to write complex SQL store procedures, scripts to map data from one schema to a new schema, prep and blend fields from old to new, transform data, cleanse data and create an upload file ready for data load. Writing SQL code will take more than 3 - 5 months with 2.5 FTEs. With a targeted go live in 5 months, this was not feasible.  

The goal was to prep and blend, cleanse, transform and migrate data from one system and import that data into a new system with new schemas that will allow the company to continue operations as usual, creating quotes, approving quotes, creating contracts, licenses and recording revenue after cutover into a new system.         

Describe your working solution

The type of data we are migrating are proposals, asset line items, contacts, customer contracts, subscription schedules, picklist values, quote details, partner contacts, approval matrices, users, address data, price books, Items (SKUs) and discount tables. To perform all the necessary prep/blend, cleanse, transform and merge of data from different platforms/schema into a new platform and schema, we used Alteryx Designer.

The data is stored on the Salesforce platform. Once we have prep, blend, cleanse and transform the data into a new schema. The data files are uploaded via CSV upload functionality within Salesforce.  


Sample of CPQ WorkflowSample of CPQ Workflow


Describe the benefits you have achieved

With Alteryx Designer as the data migration tool, we were able to save 720-man hours of development and testing, plus save 1.5 contract developer FTE which @ 130/hour for 4 months equates to a savings of $124,800.

Having Alteryx Designer to perform the prep/blend, cleanse and transformation was a time saver and helped build a repeatable data load process that was crucial for the team to run multiple full migration trial runs within a month. It’s unbelievable the time savings and efficiency that we were able to achieve with Alteryx Designer. We were ecstatic!!

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