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publish this version of the workflow option not available when saving to a new Gallery

7 - Meteor

When saving a new version of a worjflow to the gallery, there is an option

Publish This version of the workflow which is a tick boxyou can check

or this is how it is on our pre-production Gallery (2020.1.2)

When the same user publishes to the production gallery, that option is not available. This is the same version of the server software.

I know the option won't appear unless you have at least one version in the Gallery and to make sure, I made it available in the Public gallery as well as their studio. However when they save , the option is still not appearing.

I am sure its something I need to specify on the server somewhere, but I can't see where.


Any help gratefully accepted


Hi @Steve_Luckcock 


It would be great to get a bit more information to try and pinpoint where the issue is coming from.


Are any other users experiencing the same issue, or is it just for this user?


Are these workflows that they are saving and adding additional version to? Or are these workflows which are shared with them and they are updating?


If it is the latter, are they able to test uploading their own workflow, saving it twice so that the checkbox (should) appear and seeing if that works?


Kind Regards


7 - Meteor

Hi Will. 

This is a controlled migration from a Pre-production environment to a putative production environment (theoretically identical).

I have one experienced user who reported the problem and have since tested it my self.

Put together a tiddly workflow and saved to the server - no option given - none expected.

Made a minor change and saved again - no option to publish this version - disappointing

Exposed the workflow in the public gallery

Made another change to the workflow and saved again - still no option available on save - peeved

here are my last save options



This the content of my studio


as you can see 3 versions.

Sure there must be some option I haven't selected somewhere. Works perfectly in pre-production. Same software. Same instance of Alteryx designer.

Most odd.

Thanks for anything you can discover.




The Box "Publish this version" will only appear if you open the workflow from the Gallery itself first within Designer, then modify it and save it back to Gallery.

If you open a local copy of the workflow (previously saved or downloaded from browser to your computer) and modify it. it will not show the box when trying to save it to the gallery again.


if you have made changes to a "locally saved" workflow already, do this to get the box again at publication time:

1- leave the local modified workflow opened in Designer

2- open the gallery version from server within Designer

3- copy/paste your modifications from local version to gallery version currently both opened in Designer

4- save as to "gallery" the now modified gallery workflow: the box will appear.



7 - Meteor

Excelent. Worked perfectly.

Will pass your instruction's to the users.. There is a tendency to keep their workflows locally as the desktop version of alteryx is behind the server version. So if they download the workflows, they get an irritating message,so they keep their flows locally for their version. However as I have just seen, opening from the gallery doesn't produce that message..

All good


Thank you very much