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how to upload Workflow to my company's Server

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hello guys 

I'm new to alteryx so is my Firm.I read so many stuff about publishing and alteryx gallery and server.

1)Could you pls explain to me how i can upload a Workflow to my company's Server

2)Should we have Alteryx Server Installed on our Server?

3)would everything work the same way as Alteryx Designer ?

Alteryx Partner

Hey @MostafaBouzari 


1) From Alteryx Designer you would use the Save As option and once you have configured the connection to your gallery (on the Alteryx Server) then it would save there. 


2) You should build a server and install only Alteryx. You can but I don't recommend running other applications on that same server. Use these instructions:


3) No, Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server are different products. Think of Designer as where you build the 'artwork' (workflow) and then the Gallery (on the Alteryx Server) as the art gallery that you hang it. You then can run those workflows from the gallery, automate them, and even share them. The key point around the Alteryx Server is scale and automation. You can handle the work of thousands of people on the server and you can schedule them so they run without a user having to press the button


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