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_externals\2\CReW_ConditionalRunner.yxmc ERROR

7 - Meteor

Hey folks!

I have a bit of a barrier in scheduling my workflow.

I am trying to build a workflow that triggers another workflow based on a condition being met. I am using the CReW macros to achieve this.

The workflow runs completely fine when I run it manually, but it does not run when I schedule it either in In-SchedulerDB or in the gallery.


When I schedule it to run In-Scheduler DB, the workflow gives the error:




When I try to save it to the gallery, it gives the following error:




I have the workflows installed into the default C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools on both the local machine and server machine but it is not being detected when scheduled. Again, it runs completely fine when run manually.

Here is the part of the workflow using the macros:





Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

When the error message shows it in a folder as _externals.... it is expecting the macro to be packaged with the workflow.  I'm guessing you opened it from a package, re-saved it and then sent it to the server.

I would go into Options -> Advanced Options -> Workflow dependencies and change the macro location to the correct one in the directory which contains it on both your local machine and the server.

That should work for sending it to the sever via scheduler.

If you send it to the server via  a Gallery package, uncheck the box next to the macro name when you are packaging and it prompts with the list of dependencies.

7 - Meteor

This worked great, thanks!