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What are email groups and how are they used?

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I'm going through the configuration for our company's private gallery, and in the Notifications section there's an option to create "Email Groups". The help documentation says that email notifications can be assigned to an "Email Group", but what does that actually do? My initial thought was that it would be similar to a mailing list, but It doesn't seem like I can assign any people or workflows to an Email Group I've created... 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@DavidxL The Group Email is used to create a group of notifications that can be turned on or turned off by the users. You can create a group, then assign that group to one or more of the notifications, which then allows the Gallery admin to allow those users to turn off or on the notifications that their group is assigned to. All users will receive emails unless the notification is disabled or a Group is created and the Group is turned on and the user turns the notification off.