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Server Log - Best practice truncate

6 - Meteoroid

Can anyone provide best practices on how to manage applcation logs so it doesn't fill up our drives?


Currently, we're thinking of creating a script to delete logs from these folders older than 2-3 months. I've seen an older post that suggested that.  However, is there anything new in Alteryx server 2019.4 or above that will do this automatically like some sort of rotation?  We have also considered lowering log levels from High to Low.


Also, any other known risk in doing the delete script other than having less log retention for troubleshooting?


Logs stored in:




Old post:



In most cases, logs over 1 month old would only be necessary for very peculiar cases therefore removing log files older than 1 month should be fine. You can enable log file rotation in the Alteryx System Settings under Controller > General but this option will just make a new log file once the specified size has been hit. This is also the area you can adjust the level of logging however we do recommend keeping the logging level to high to ensure that the logs provide enough detail for potential troubleshooting.

If you have further questions on best practices regarding logging please feel free to reach out directly to Alteryx Support at or we can continue the conversation here. Thank you.