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Send email from AWS SES - designer and alteryx server

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I've configured the SMTP settings on our Alteryx Server and successfully got the confirmation email. Now when I try to send an email from designer or server I get nothing but errors. Should I be doing autodetect SMTP? I would assume it would lock to what's in the server? I've tried putting my AWS public IP in the SMTP server field also, no luck. Any ideas?


@StephenMack The SMTP/Email settings present in the Alteryx System Setting only apply to Gallery for email notifications and password resets etc... The Email Tool in the reporting category requires separate configuration. In most cases the auto detect settings option is enough to identify the correct configuration based on DNS. However, this option doesn't work in all environments. If this isn't working for you you will need to provide the appropriate SMTP server information for the email tool to use. I would recommend reviewing the following Knowledge Articles to get a better understanding of the Email Tools configuration and some tips on troubleshooting.


Tool Mastery | Email

Email SMTP Troubleshooting


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Hello @KevinP 

Having gone through the steps and tested on the workarounds from other similar threads, I landed up on this thread to see if SES works with Alteryx. I would like to know some answers here.  


We know that the amazon SES services is hosted in cloud and we require the credentials to be keyed in to send out an email in any platform in that case. So,  Alteryx does not have an option to furnish/take in  creds information and still it uses windows authentication service for sending Emails. In this case we are not able to use the SES service too. 


In the traditional route, Almost bigger corporations would use the the office 365.  We see the office 365 has upgraded their authentication service to SmartTLS and don't support SSL anymore. In this case,how am I supposed to use the email notifications without having an simple upgrade at the product side? 


I don't see any threads in the community where the Tech team has given a commitment to upgrade the inbuilt email feature or give customers a solid workaround to mitigate this issue for a short period. All am doing right now is running a Local smtp service using python to send the reports which I feel is a very bad method to follow having paid huge licensing cost on this tool!  


Appreciate any help here. Thanks! 

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My workaround was to write an external program in C# to send the email. It's ugly but it works.


Basically I have an email macro, you send it To,From,Subject, and a report layout that will act as the email body. First the report body is saved to a file as html. I then create the batch command to run the exe. Finally the run command tool opens runs the batch command which opens the exe to send the email. The exe knows to look in the right spot for that HTML file.


C# was probably a bit overkill for the executable, python would probably have been simpler.



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