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Salesforce Input Error

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I am having problems using the Salesforce Data Input in an Analytic app that is on Alteryx Gallery. I am able to use the Salesforce Input when running Alteryx on my machine, but when I publish the App the Alteryx Gallery, it returns the error "Unable to reach SOAP API" when validating the workflow. If I ignore validation and publish, it will return the same error when I run the workflow.


I am on version


Help me publish this workflow to the Gallery.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @tylerhushy,


It sounds like the Gallery you're publishing to has the run mode set to "Semi-Safe" or "Safe". These modes restrict certain tools from being used as a security precaution.



As this suggests, reach out to one of the curators (admin) of your Gallery as they do have the option to change the run mode of your workflow.


Hope this helps!