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Run a workflow from Qlik

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Hello comunity,

have you ever had the need to build a workflow/app (imagine something related to predictive analysis), publish it on a private gallery and build something like a button on the Qlik Dashboard that takes as input a particular table I'm visualising (after having choosen some filters to get the desired subset of data) and run the flow?


I know that you can use the gallery API to run a flow.


I was thinking something like to use the Qlik API to export the data from the table, and use it directly in my predictive flow (instead of a green input tool) and publish it on the gallery.

Then a button to trigger the run of the published flow.


Do you have any experience about something similar? Any suggestions, something I should be aware before starting?



@Federica_FF You can read from the Qlik API by building a connector yourself.  Have a look here:


or book a Virtual Solutions Session via the Virtual Solutions Center, for an expert to help you with this.