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Rendering Tool Issue in Alteryx Gallery

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I'm getting below error in alteryx gallery. I guess it is because of rendering tools however it runs successfuly using alteryx desktop. 

Thank you


Meesage Type: Error

Process or tool id: -1

Details: There was an unkown error executing the application. The engine reported status Error

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The error message is referring to the Alteryx Engine - basically it errored out, ie crashed. Most commonly, if this were to happen in Designer, you'd would see the infamous "InboundNamedPipe" error. There are many threads on community regarding this error, but most commonly it is due to memory limitations. The reason it would work in Designer as oppsed to the Server is because the specs and configuration for Alteryx are different. For Server settings ups re recommend the following -


System Settings -> Worker -> General -> simultaneous workflows = number of physical cores divided by 2 (4 cores = 2 simultaneous workflows)

System Settings -> Engine -> General -> Sort/Join memory allocation = half of available RAM divided by number of simultaneous workflows (32GB RAM with 4 cores = (32/2)/(4/2) = 8000 MB


If this doesn't seem enough, then the Worker Node may need more RAM