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REST API call from Alteryx Gallery Workflow

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I created a very basic workflow (literally the API url and a GUID) to gather the latest O365 IPs from their Endpoints service. It works fine on desktop/designer, but I get a "Couldn't connect to server (tool ID: 2)" error when running it on the Gallery. Does this suggest my company's firewall is blocking connections, or is the Download tool not compatible with Gallery?






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Hi @colorado970,


Thanks for posting.


Did you try to run your workflow from Designer but from the server itself?

Usually, if a workflow could connect to a website from a local machine but not from a server, it could be caused by:


- account used to run the workflow from the Gallery is not granted permissions to connect an external resource

- server is restricted by a firewall or a proxy


Are you able to open a run your workflow in Designer  from the server itself?





7 - Meteor



When I click 'Run', I get the error I mentioned initially. However I can download it from the server, open it in alteryx, and it runs fine. 


I attached the workflow - to run it, you would just need a GUID from and append it to the URL in the text input.




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Both of your suspicions could be correct, the server admins can choose to block tools like run command and the download tool but the error suggests that your server is blocked from connecting to that URL (probably firewall)


As @colorado970  are you able to remote into your Alteryx server and run the workflow in designer? This will give you a definitive answer.

7 - Meteor



Unfortunately I do not have access to a remote desktop to test that. Do you know of any other ways to test if it's an Alteryx/Server firewall issue?