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Issue with email after upgrade to Alteryx Production Server 2018.4

12 - Quasar

We upgraded to Alteryx Production Server 2018.4 today and are experiencing an issue with emails --- they aren't working! One of my coworkers discovered that after she re-uploaded her workflow, it resolved the issue.


Anyone else experienced this?

Is there any other solution?


I'm trying to avoid re-uploading my workflows...there are too many!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @ddiesel

I had this behavior, and It appears that the e-mail tools in the workflows are configured to auto-discover the SMTP. This setting was removed from new versions of Designer, So I think the best way to solve this is to configure the SMTP server within them.


Sorry, I know is not what you expected to read, but I don't know another way of solving this (at least it worked for me in many customers).


Hope this helps

12 - Quasar


Thanks for you reply, even though it's not great news.


None were set to auto-discover but the SMTP server did not populate. I'm attaching pictures of the email config in case it helps anyone else.



11.7 vs 2018.4