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Is it possible to set schedule on "Workflow Group"?

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Hi All,


I'm wondering that there is any way to save grouped workflows on Alteryx server and set schedule on them.

I have about 40 workflows on sever and they're scheduled each but I need to put together as 3 workflows and set schedule.

I know we can Create Workflow Group but it's just put together and it's meaningless.

Do you have any good ideas to solve this?

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Check out the crew macros at and make one to run them all.


You could use the CrEW macros as mentioned above and it will most likely work; however, they are not officially supported on server. An alternative to that is to save some workflows as analytical apps even if they are not then using the "chained" app function to run them one after the other.

Starting another app after completion can be found on the interface designer of an app