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Gallery Event - Email sends old file version

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I have a workflow running on the gallery to generate two output files into a windows directory every month. The pattern is that a new file with the same name overwrites last month's version every time.

An event exists in the workflow to email the new files once the workflow has completed.  This workflow consistently sends the prior month's files and not the brand new files.  This leads me to believe the event caches in the file(s) as the workflow begins, rather than waiting for "after" the run without errors. 


Have others encountered and if so, how do you avoid this issue?

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Hi @pkb,


Have you checked to make sure that the outputs are not included as assets in the workflow? Otherwise the workflow may not be picking up the files it is writing out.




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Thanks Greg for the reply!  I did find that workflow assets were selected in the gallery, and at the root of this issue.  However, they were "external~" unc references, not the "Output" reference.  Deselecting these seems to have solved the issue after several iterations of testing.


I have observed that the workflow (as saved on gallery) automatically rechecks the "output" files as workflow assets, despite me saving with them deselected.  Even with this behavior, the workflow tests out correctly and seems to send the new version each run.


Hope others benefit from this...