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Canvas Ownership Workflow

As users change roles; or possibly even leave the firm - we need to automatically manage the ownership of their and their permission.


- We need to be able to export all permissions and ownership of assets by user using an API

- We then need to be able to revoke permissions using an API (we have a central entitlement management process that this can be tied into)

- we also need to trigger a revoke on all licenses via API.


If done within Alteryx server:

- When a dept code on a user changes; or user leaves - trigger an invalidate on all assets.

- Workflow to both the primary and secondary owner to ask for a new owner

- Also automatically trigger a revoke on all licenses

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your post! This idea is something were looking explore in the near future as several exciting updates to the Server product grow closer to their release. As there are many components to take into consideration with this feature and these new updates as well, we'll need time to properly review and investigate the best way to implement this idea.


As such I'm updating this idea to Under Review. Once we have completed our investigation into the best way to implement this idea, if possible to implement, we'll update the status again to match accordingly.