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As an admin, how do I see the workflow logs on server

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A user has created a workflow and published it to our company Gallery (on our server). He has not shared it and I would like to see the execution logs. The logging in the server directory doesn't help much, there isn't any workflow identification.

I would like to be able to see the same logging as what is visible when its executed from the desktop.

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@fhrdev I'm only aware of a way to view results of "Scheduled workflows" which can be seen on the server version of Alteryx Designer (so on your VM for example) you can open Alteryx and in "options" select "View Schedules" and in the results tab you can see all the results/workflow messages for any scheduled workflows. 


i'm not aware of any way to see workflow results of anything run on the server (i.e not scheduled) (these might be buried in the server logs)