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App runs slower in server than designer

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I created an Alteryx app that accepts date and client name and then shows respective data. My question is why the app runs slower on Server than Designer. It is taking longer time in Server to show result file. Is there a way I can optimize the performance?


Any help would be appreciated!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @kunvai1 ,


The app will run slower in your server if the configuration is worst. Other than that, you have also the system settings where you can select the number of workflows to run simultaneously and some other configurations in your engine and worker. See below.


Also, data cleansing tool takes a lot of time to execute and it is always better to use a formula tool and some functions to clean your data. 

If you want to check which tool is taking longer in your server, activate the performance profiling to see what is going on. The results appears in your results tab





Fernando Vizcaino