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After Alteryx Server Update good old "Unable to translate alias" but also a strange ...

5 - Atom

Hello, I lost hours troubleshooting whats the issue and I run into some strange behavior after all I have no idea where to look next


Alteryx Version
v. 2019.3.6.20285


1. Create a new db connection (SQL) at the server & add my account and my studio for rights. 

2. Use this db connection for output (SQL) Type Gallery.

3. Run workflow local everything works

4. Upload the workflow to the server >> "Unable to translate alias" issue




1. Remove Gallery and re-include

2. Delete GalleryAlias.xml which is described here:

3. check everything from this post

4. delete and recreate user account nothing changed


Curios stuff

1. Old workflows which are deployed before the update are still running >> scheduled and triggered. Downloading the worklfow (change nothing) and redeploy >> "Unable to translate alias"

2. If I put a select into the same workflow which is doing nothing more than a select to the same database everything works


Now I'm running out of ideas and every help is welcome?

8 - Asteroid

I ran into the same issue and learned that asset management is broken in this version, specifically for output tools. When uploading your flow, you'll notice the checkbox beside this particular asset is deselected (and unclickable). You can trick the software into packaging the alias by including an input tool (using the same alias) to act as a dummy. This will allow the asset to be included in the package, and your flow will then work properly on server. According to the release notes, this issue has been resolved in newer versions.