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Prohibited Apps - Apply for Exemption The following Designer Desktop tools and events are prohibited in the Analytics Gallery due to the numerous possible configurations and the actions that can be performed: Run Command Tool Email Tool Run Command Event Send Email Event R Tool Download Tool If you have an application that uses one of the prohibited tools in a safe manner, you are able to apply for an exemption and have a Curator review your application so that it can be run in the Analytics Gallery. To apply for an exemption please follow the steps below: Email and explain how and why each prohibited tool is used, along with the general purpose of the application Publish the application in your private studio and check the box "Others may download this app." Add the application to a Collection and share it with Alteryx Curator, Allow up to 2 business days for your application to be reviewed and an Alteryx Curator to email you the status of your application.
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Have you ever wondered exactly how we define cores for licensing purposes? If so, please read the following article.
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The Analytics Gallery What is an Analytic Application? Pre-packaged data and analytic integration published to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery by Data Artisans to answer specific strategic analytics questions.   What is the Analytics Gallery? The Analytics Gallery is a publicly hosted web service where applications can be published, securely shared, and run in the cloud.   What is a Viewer? A Viewer is a free user of the Analytics Gallery. A Viewer can run all applications published in the Public Gallery.   What is a Member? A Member is a user who can run applications that are shared privately through Collections. A Membership is granted by a Data Artisan. A Member also shares the privileges of a Viewer to run all applications published in the Public Gallery.   What is a Data Artisan? A Data Artisan is a user who creates analytic applications using the Alteryx Designer Desktop and then shares them publicly and/or privately in the Analytics Gallery. A Data Artisan also shares the privileges of a Member.   What is required to run applications in the Public Gallery? Anyone can sign up and become a Viewer, with the ability to run all applications in the Public Gallery, for free. As soon as you confirm your email, you will have access to the Public Gallery.   What is required to run an application in a private Collection? You must be a Member to run applications shared in private Collections. Memberships are granted by Data Artisans, who create and share applications.   What is required to build applications? Applications are built with Alteryx Designer Desktop. Download the Designer Desktop Free Trial.   What is required to publish applications in the Analytics Gallery?  Applications are published from the Alteryx Designer Desktop into a private Studio. •A Studio is automatically created for license holders of the Designer Desktop.
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