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How To: Update the Time Zone Database for the Alteryx Gallery   In the Alteryx Server 2019.3 release, we introduced the ability for users of the Alteryx Gallery to set the time zone they work out of.  This created the ability for users to schedule their Gallery workflows to execute according to their time zone, rather than the Alteryx Server's.  As countries may decide to update the current time zone they are in, this can cause scheduled workflows to run outside of the time they were set.  The following "How-To" article provides our procedure for updating your Alteryx Server instance with updated time zone data.   Prerequisites   Product - Alteryx Server 2019.3+   Procedure   Stop the AlteryxService Note: If on a multi-node deployment, stop the service on each server in the recommended order: 1. Gallery nodes 2. Worker nodes 3. Controller node Download the latest Data Only Distribution Time Zone Database from  Extract the downloaded file to a folder on the Desktop Rename the extracted folder from tzdata<version> to tzdata Open a web browser and go to  Right click the Raw button found above and to the right of the actual XML document and click Save link as Save the windowsZones.xml file into the tzdata folder on your Desktop Open a Windows File Browser and navigate to the Alteryx RuntimeData directory. On a default installation this will be found in C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData Rename the tzdata folder in this directory to tzdataBackup Copy the extracted tzdata folder from your Desktop into the RuntimeData directory. If you have set up a multi-node deployment repeat steps 2 - 10 on all Alteryx Nodes Restart the AlteryxService Note: If on a multi-node deployment, start the service on each server in the opposite order: 1. Controller node 2. Worker nodes 3. Gallery nodes   Additional Resources   DST changes in Windows for Brazil and Morocco  Alteryx Server 2019.3 Release Notes 
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