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SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is a standardized way for exchanging authentication and authorization credentials between different parties. The most common use for SAML is in web browser single sign ons. Starting in 2018.2, Alteryx Server supports SAML. So far, SAML in Alteryx Server has been specifically validated on two providers; Ping One and Okta. In this article we will review how to configure SAML on your Alteryx Server for   PingOne.
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How To: Enable MongoDB logs in RuntimeSettings.xml   When trying to troubleshoot Server/Gallery issues, it can be useful to gather logs to determine if the cause is with your MongoDB. These steps will show you how to enable Mongo logging.    Prerequisites   Alteryx Server Embedded MongoDB Administrative Rights   Procedure   ALWAYS BACK UP FIRST. Make sure to make a copy of your RuntimeSettings.xml as well as your MongoDB. See this article for Backup & Recovery Best Practices Stop your Alteryx Service  Open File Explorer and navigate to %PROGRAMDATA%\Alteryx Open RuntimeSettings.xml in a text editor  Under the Controller section add EmbeddedMongoDBLogPath as a key Add a directory as the value with .txt file extension.  Start your Alteryx Service and Mongo logs should be generating 
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