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Issue    When publishing a workflow to Gallery with user credentials and you run into the following: Entering credentials has been disabled   When configuring a new Gallery Data Connection the below error comes up when attempting to test or save the connection:   Credential usage is disabled as a result of encryption configuration. Please contact your server administrator.       Environment   Alteryx Designer Alteryx Server   Diagnosis    You can verify this issue in the AlteryxService logs after a service restart. During the startup you will see a message like the following: ERROR,8912,AlteryxService,,,,,,,,"AlteryxService_InitLocalEncryptedStorage_Error: Error importing keys to Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys\ directory in ProgramData: Access is denied. (5)"   Cause   The Alteryx Service account has insufficient permissions to the servers machine key directory (%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys) or specifically the Alteryx Machine Key which are used to encrypt/decrypt user credentials and Gallery data connections.    Solution Check your Service Log On As Account. By default it will be the Local System account Run services.msc (CTRL + R --> services.msc --> OK) Locate the Alteryx Service and check the Log On As account Per the server help documentation, ensure the Service Account has read and write access to %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys **If giving permissions to the full directory is not possible due to security reasons you can give it to just the Alteryx Machine key which starts with "3312". Also allowing specific permission to this machine key may fix the issue of the directory access does not.  
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Issue   When running or publishing a workflow that uses a Gallery Data Connection.    Unable to translate alias This error can be seen when running/opening a workflow on Designer Or when publishing the workflow to Gallery Or when running the workflow on Gallery   Environment   Alteryx Designer Version 11.0+ Alteryx Server Version 11.0+   Diagnosis    Confirm that the data connection that you are using is a Gallery Data Connection:   In Designer select Options > Advanced Options > Manage Data Connections The alias that you are using should have a type of   'Gallery' If you do not see a Gallery connection and want to add one, please see the article   Database Connection Share Through Gallery Admin   for instructions.    Cause A   Gallery Connection Sync issue (often occurs after upgrading Alteryx Server)   Cause B   The Gallery Data Connection is shared with a Private Studio rather than explicitly with the workflow owner (the error will only occur on scheduler)   Solution A   Open a File Explorer Navigate to %APPDATA%\Alteryx\Engine Delete or rename GalleryAlias.xml Re-launch Alteryx Designer   Solution B    If the issue only occurs on your Scheduler and runs fine everywhere else, the Gallery Data Connection needs to be shared explicitly with the owner of the workflow rather than their Private Studio/Subscription.    When sharing the connection, you can differentiate a Studio with User Accounts by checking the following: Default avatar is a single silhouette User membership icon will appear on the right User's email will show Additional Resources Why can't a user run a workflow in Gallery that uses a shared data connection?   As always, don't hesitate to contact us over at Customer Support if you run into any trouble.
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The  Alteryx License Server  is an implementation of our technology partner  Flexera Software ’s  Local License Server , and allows for the deployment of a local license server within an organizations’ internal network. This allows for a smoother and more secure deployment of Alteryx products, especially behind proxies and firewalls.
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