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Your computer is not connected to your License Server

PRODUCT: Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server
VERSION: 2018.3+
LAST UPDATE:2018-09-19


Where am I supposed to enter my license keys?

You've downloaded Alteryx and you want to activate it, but it asks you for information you don't have. What do you do now? Don't panic! If you find yourself staring at a window that looks like this, the next steps are actually quite simple:

Image with yellow banner.jpg

If your company is isolated from the rest of the internet, they may have a Local License Server, in which case, you can get the information from your License Administrator or other IT representative.

But for everybody else, click on the OK on the yellow banner:

Not an error.png

That will allow you to see the gear icon underneath the banner, and when you click on the gear, you'll see the option to Change License System:

change system.png

Click on that and then click on Continue on the next screen:


Then wait a few moments.

You'll be returned to the usual Manage Licenses page. Click on Activate New License, andorder shall return:

Activate New License.png

This will take you to the screen where you can activate your license keys:

Activate Don't click the link.png

Follow the link for general information on How to License Alteryx.

In retrospect, you may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?" You probably clicked on the link to access your License Server, maybe without even knowing you had. (I've put an X over it in the image above, just so you remember it when you're helping your colleague activate licenses.)

7 - Meteor

Hi, thanks for this informative post.

My licence key is already working on 2018.2 which is on my PC. I am moving to 2018.3, and have installed it on my PC but have not yet de-installed 2018.2 as I want to be sure that 2018.3 works for my needs first. (Is that likely to cause a problem?)

In 2018.3, I get the above messages.

When I click "Change License System", the next page displays my license correctly, with an end date in 2021, as expected.

So I'm not trying to "Activate New License", I simply want to use the license it already knows about.

If at this point, I simply close the screen without choosing to "Activate New License", Alteryx Designer works fine for this session with no complaints. If I restart though, I'm back at the "Manage Licenses" screen, and have to go through the loop again... and repeat...


If, however, I follow the sequence of instructions as you've written above, and I then click "Activate New License", I then re-enter my email address and licence key which then causes the "Activate" button to become active.

If I click Activate, I am presented with the following message:


"One or more license keys are currently active on another machine. Do you want to move all active
licenses to this machine, or activate new seats?"
[Cancel] [Activate New Seats] [Move All Licenses]


Is this (really) referring to the licence I'm already using on the *current* machine but on a different version of Alteryx?

What I want to do is use the licence key that I already have working (on 2018.2) on this current machine in 2018.3.

I certainly don't want to activate a "new seat"... (that sounds like it's costing an additional license)
I'm not trying to move "all licenses" from another machine.


If I don't "Activate", then at this point, Alteryx seems happy and allows me to continue with my session in peace, but once again goes through exactly the same set of messages next time I restart it.


Any assistance appreciated. thanks.




I sympathize.  The only thing I can think of is that you could have installed Alteryx Server alongside Alteryx Designer (Non-Admin) and it's asking whether you want to move a Server seat to your computer.  (You don't.)  Fortunately, we don't have to wonder.  For specific issues that aren't addressed in the Knowledge Base or by the Community at large, you can contact Alteryx for customized help.  When the subject is licensing, the best option is to write to fulfillment@alteryx.com.  I have taken the liberty of opening a case on your behalf and you can expect to hear from a representative shortly.

7 - Meteor
@LisaL Thanks for the follow up. It would appear that I had inadvertently set the "license server url" whilst initially trying to activate my licence. (The initial problem with my key was a separate issue but cutting a long story short... it appears I shouldn't have set this URL at all, although the reason for trying to set it in the first place was I was trying to troubleshoot the "cannot connect to license server" message). Anyway, once I'd run designer as Administrator and cleared the "licence server url" box, then restarted, the problem went away, and it now happily accepts my licence as active when I fire up designer again.
8 - Asteroid

@bbtak may I ask you where I can find the "licence server url" box to untick it please?
Thank you!

5 - Atom

Looks like there's an additional stepo just before the last one nowadays, giving 3 options, we went for top right to get to the last screen with the email & license key entry points


@LeeST I believe this additional step to get to the Activate Alteryx window only occurs if you are using Alteryx Server or Alteryx Designer with Scheduler. This additional step gives you the option to choose whether to license Designer only or to license Designer and Scheduler. Otherwise the process would be the same as described in this article.


Please let me know if you have encountered something else different instead.