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Workflows move to different Private Studio


Workflows have moved to a different Private Studio

This is a hidden feature designed to allow workflows to be moved between studios. It's a holdover from our Public Gallery which is the original base for Alteryx Server.

What happened

  • Workflows disappeared from a Private Studio and are now in another one


  • Product - Alteryx Gallery
    • All Versions


The following conditions being met will result in the workflow moving.

  1. Source studio = free
  2. Target studio = paid
  3. User is last one in source studio
  4. User is moved to target studio via access key (admin or user invoked)
  5. All workflows move with the user regardless of ownership

Defensive Measures

There is no way to reverse the move of these workflows. The best defensive measure is to take regular backups of MongoDB, as restoring the database is the only way to revert the change.

Additional Resources

6 - Meteoroid


I had this happen without satisfying #3 "User is last one in source studio". I documented it a little more in this post: