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Alteryx Server Knowledge Base

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Troubleshooting the error "The system is currently undergoing maintenance."




Users can experience this error message upon connecting to their Gallery :




{"data":null,"exceptionName":"UnavailableException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"The system is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try your request again later." 


This usually occurs during an upgrade of their Alteryx Server and the Gallery will be available once the operation is complete.

 ⚠️ NOTE: This error is expected when the Gallery is performing a migration. Only proceed further if this error message persists. Also, check the Gallery logs for the message below to be sure there is actually an issue.

If the Gallery access has not returned (usually after up to 30 minutes) and an error message similar to the below is visible in the Gallery logs:


FATAL 1 Runner MigrateDatabase ITO037280 ...lock could not be obtained. Another process is likely performing a migration. Please standby. 


then it means that the access to the Gallery is currently locked.





  • Alteryx Server
    • All versions




A good first step would be to confirm that the user is in one of the below situations:

  • They restored an Alteryx Server backup on a different machine
  • They restored an Alteryx Server backup on a different machine then upgraded it


Another optional test to confirm that a lock is in place would be to :

  • Open a new Command Prompt as an Administrator
  • Stop the Alteryx Service using the below command (must be run from the Alteryx bin directory)
    • AlteryxService stop
  • Run the following command (must be run from the Alteryx bin directory)
    • AlteryxService test
  • Confirm it produces an output similar to the below :
Attempting to obtain lock...

...lock could not be obtained. Another process is likely performing a migration. Please standby.





A reference to the hostname of the active Gallery is made in MongoDB via a document created under the locks collection of the AlteryxGallery database. Only the active Gallery will be able to obtain that lock.


When it references a hostname that differs from the current machine's name, this issue occurs.

Typcially this is because the database was restored to a machine where the hostname is different, and the backup contains the hostname of the machine it has been created on and not the one of the machine it has been restored on.


This can be proved by :

  • Extracting the machine name referenced in AlteryxGallery.locks (with the attached app) or through Robo3T
  • Comparing this machine name to the one visible in Service and Gallery logs or by the result of the hostname command on a prompt







Once every verification in has been performed (logs, lock in MongoDB, Alteryx Service is started and running), follow the steps below.

NOTE: Always request the user to perform a backup of their Alteryx Server first. The procedure is outlined here .

  1. Open a Command Prompt as an admin
  2. Change to Alteryx bin directory – for the default enter :
    • cd "\Program Files\Alteryx\bin"
  3. Connect to the Mongo Shell
    • mongo localhost:27018/AlteryxGallery -u user -p
    • Replace with the Password under Alteryx System Settings -> Controller -> Persistence
    • 2019-11-15_16-53-49.png
  4. Verify the presence of locks
    • db.locks.find()
    • It should return 1-2 locks
  5. Remove the locks
    • db.locks.remove({})
  6. Exit MongoDB
    • exit