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Troubleshooting "data connection is no longer available" error



A red exclamation icon is seen along with the following message in the Manage Data Connections window of Designer. This error can also been seen in Gallery.

This data connection is no longer available



  • Alteryx Designer
  • Alteryx Server


One possibility for this error to occur is when all affected data connections are created in Gallery only and the connection has been lost for any reason.

Please attempt solution A first, if no success go to solution B.

Solution A

In Gallery data connections, remove the affected user from the data connection, then re-add the user:

1. Login to Gallery as an Admin (aka Curator).

2. On the left pane, go to Data Connections.

3. Select the "edit" link (pencil icon) for the affected data connection.


4. Go to the Users and Studios tab and remove the affected user(s).

5. In the same tab, re-add the same user by searching for him/her in the search field.


Solution B

1. Successfully perform a re-indexing by using the re-indexing app. Please reach out to Customer Support to ensure a re-indexing is needed and to follow the proper steps for it.

2. Perform the steps in Solution A.

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