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Troubleshooting "Unable to translate Alias" with Gallery Data Connections

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When running or publishing a workflow that uses a Gallery Data Connection.


Unable to translate alias 
  • This error can be seen when running/opening a workflow on Designer
  • Or when publishing the workflow to Gallery
  • Or when running the workflow on Gallery




  • Alteryx Designer
    • Version 11.0+
  • Alteryx Server
    • Version 11.0+




Confirm that the data connection that you are using is a Gallery Data Connection:


  • In Designer selectOptions > Advanced Options > Manage Data Connections
  • The alias that you are using should have a type of'Gallery'



Cause A


Gallery Connection Sync issue (often occurs after upgrading Alteryx Server)


Cause B


The Gallery Data Connection is shared with a Private Studio rather than explicitly with the workflow owner (the error will only occur on scheduler)


Cause C


The data connection was not included as an asset when publishing to the Gallery.

Solution A


  1. Open a File Explorer
  2. Navigate to %25APPDATA%25\Alteryx\Engine
  3. Delete or rename GalleryAlias.xml
  4. Re-launch Alteryx Designer


Solution B


If the issueonly occurs on your Scheduler and runs fine everywhere else, the Gallery Data Connection needs to be shared explicitly with the owner of the workflow rather than their Private Studio/Subscription.


When sharing the connection, you can differentiate a Studio with User Accounts by checking the following:

  1. Default avatar is a single silhouette
  2. User membership icon will appear on the right
  3. User's email will show

Solution C


The app/workflow will need to be re-uploaded with the following steps:

  1. From the Designer, select File > Save As >and select your Gallery
  2. Under Workflow Options select Manage workflow assets
  3. idea Skyscrapers
  4. Check the box with the name of your alias
  5. idea Skyscrapers
  6. Select Done and then Save to publish

Additional Resources

  1. Why can't a user run a workflow in Gallery that uses a shared data connection?


As always, don't hesitate to contact us over atCustomer Supportif you run into any trouble.


If you've had your Gallery Data Connections spontaneously stop working, you can request your Gallery Administrator remove you from the list of Users with which the Gallery Data Connection has been shared and then add you again. "Broken" Gallery Data Connections most often occur when some (any) change has been made to the user's profile in Gallery.  Any change will "break" the connections, including granting the user permission to schedule, prioritize, or assign jobs to a particular worker.  Changes that the user makes such as specifying a time zone or company will also do this. 


This sensitivity to change has been corrected in the stable update to Server version 2019.3.5 and later releases. If you can upgrade to that version, this problem shouldn't recur.


If you cannot upgrade immediately, then avoid making any changes to user profiles in Gallery.  Sharing Gallery Data Connections with Studios/Subscriptions can be a partial work-around, but if workflows are scheduled any Gallery Data Connections that those workflows use MUST be shared with the owner as a User.  Sharing Gallery Data Connections with Studios/Subscriptions will grant permission to use them to the members of the Studio/Subscription at the time the connection is shared, but may be inconsistent if membership in a Studio/Subscription later changes.

5 - Atom



i would like to share with you my last experience.


In this case Gallery uses  method of sharing connection from with users which then see connection in their designer as type "Gallery". For this gallery we have created recently connection to MS SQL Server and it works only when input tool using this connection is in WF. When only output with this connection is used then while publishing to gallery connection is not able to select.



Publishing first WF only with output tool with connection gives error while publishing to gallery(Unable to translate alias).

Second WF containing also input is possible to upload successfully(asset is checked by default and not possible to uncheck).


Not sure If i'm missing something or if its a bug?





If you haven't resolved this issue yet, please provide the version number.  If you have resolved the issue, would you follow up saying how you did it so that others can benefit?

5 - Atom

HI Lisa,


this has not been resolved yet. We are working on it right know as probably we will need some support.




6 - Meteoroid

I had this problem on a designer + scheduler setup, and the solution was to open the %AppData%\Roaming\Alteryx\Engine folder, there is the UserAlias.xml file.

I structured the XML file properly and found  <SourceUrl/>, but there was no <SourceUrl> and no value.. So i deleted the <SourceUrl/> and after i restarted Alteryx, it worked.

7 - Meteor



Was that problem with the scheduler local or only when scheduling it on the server? I'm not able to schedule/run it on the server, since it can't translate the alias. Not sure if this XML would be my case, because my guess is that I really need to see "Gallery" connection instead of "User" type when setting up Shared connections.