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Troubleshooting Scheduler Over Company Network or VPN


The Alteryx Scheduler allows users to schedule the execution of workflows developed within the Designer, either on a recurring basis or at a specific date, time and frequency in the future. If you are running into problems scheduling a workflow over VPN even though you can schedule without VPN – look no further! I am going to go over some tips and tricks you can troubleshoot with to figure out the problem or at least lead you in the right direction. 


First thing is to write down the IP address of the external server you are using to schedule. We want to do this by pinging the target server with and without using the VPN.


With the VPN disconnected:

  1. Open the Command Prompt (shell)
  2. Type nslookup <ip address or domain name> and note the results. For example: nslookup
  3. Type ping <ip_address from nslookup>
  4. There should be replies from the ip address
  5. Repeat this steps after connecting to VPN and compare the results

If you are not able to receive a reply with the VPN disconnected, there is a possibility that it could be a firewall issue. You either have to disable the anti-malware or add Alteryx to the firewall. Note: only do this by checking with your IT or security team.


If you are not able to receive a reply when connected to VPN, it is a VPN issue. Double check the address of the server that is configured in the Options > View Schedules (Controller) dialog in Alteryx Designer. Make sure that the IP address configured here is the one returned when the VPN is connected:




Another way you can do this is by checking the status service is via http://[hostname]/AlteryxService/status/


To start, open a browser and point to http://localhost/AlteryxService/status.  A properly configured system should respond, showing the currently running version as follows:


Note the default port is 80, but if you change it to a different port, say port 1900, the url address should be http://localhost:1900/AlteryxService/status/. Here is how you change the port number.


If you see that the AlteryxService is running and are still running into issues, you can make sure that other devices are not running on port 80 or can try changing the port number. Hope this helps, happy troubleshooting!

11 - Bolide

If when you go to http://localhost/AlteryxService/status it says the site can't be reached I'm assuming I have a firewall issue and need to try and get Alteryx added to that... not an easy task in the health industry.

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed @NJT, I just walked through the troubleshooting guide and ran into the same issue. All of our email is encrypted so it's not worth my time even attempting to start a conversation with our IT group to white list this.