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Troubleshooting Python based Connectors on Alteryx Gallery



Alteryx enables users to connect using Python based connectors, and to save, schedule and run the corresponding workflows on the Alteryx Gallery. When these Python-based Connector tools are used within the workflow especially on the Alteryx Server, a user might encounter a variety of errors, that can appear when the workflow is saved(or published) to, scheduled, or run on the Alteryx Gallery. This could also be caused while connecting from the Designer.

Please reach out to your Sales Engineer or Account Executive, should you encounter any of the below errors, while using the Python based Connector tools.

Error: Unable to resolve plugin Python 'XXXXX\' (Tool Id: X)
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 71, in pi_init RuntimeError: DecryptPassword only works with User and Machine encrypted passwords.
Failed to decrypt value for adl_SecretKey! (Tool Id: 36)
Failed to decrypt values for clientSecret!
Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 68, in pi_init RuntimeError: Internal Error: DecryptPassword - buffer too small (Tool Id: 1).
Failed to authenticate
Connection to platform was not successful
Failed to connect to platform

Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer/Server
    • 2019.3-2022.1​​​​​
  • Python-based Connectors:
    • Azure Data Lake Tools
    • Box Tools
    • Dataverse Tools
    • Dropbox Tools
    • Google Big Query Tools
    • Google Drive Tools
    • OneDrive Tools
    • Power BI Output
    • Salesforce Input Tool
    • SharePoint Files Tools
    • Tableau Output
    • Service Note Tool
    • UiPath Tool

What are the scenarios that the above errors might occur?

  • Attempting to use Python-Based Connector Tool for the first time to be used on the Alteryx Gallery.
  • Attempting to save/publish a workflow to Gallery that contains a Python-based Connector.
  • Attempting to schedule or manually run the workflow that contains a Python-based Connector in Gallery, and it is failing after the initial validation
Note: The above scenarios are applicable to both - Single-node and Multi-node(multiple worker nodes) environments.

Where can these errors occur in Alteryx?

  • Alteryx Designer validation window - while publishing a workflow
  • Alteryx Gallery - while scheduling/manually running the workflow on Gallery

What details should I gather to verify this issue?

  • A complete screenshot of the error that is thrown
  • Alteryx Designer version screenshot(Help menu --> About)
  • Alteryx Server version screenshot
  • Python based connector tool's version screenshot
  • Since when is this error encountered?
  • Is this occurring to all the users or to a particular user?
  • HAR file export after replicating this issue(If you are above 2021.3)
  • Is this a multi-node environment or a single node?

Whom should I contact to resolve this issue?

Please reach out to your Account Executive or Sales Engineer, sharing the above details for troubleshooting the issue. You can also reach out to Alteryx Customer Support , for further help.

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