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Tool ## - Error finding connection "connection_name"


Environment Details

When saving a workflow that contains an In-DB connection tool to the gallery, the following error occurs:

Tool ## - Error finding connection "connection_name"

idea Skyscrapers
  • Where ## is the tool number in the workflow and connection_name is the DSN connection name.
  • Alteryx Server
    • 2020.1.2
  • Alteryx Designer
    • 2020.1.2


  • The DSN is not configured on both the server and any worker nodes and/or user machine.
  • A mismatch of User DSN and System DSN exists on the server and any worker nodes and/or user machine.


Resolution 1

  1. Ensure that each machine in the environment has the exact same connection drivers.
  2. If using DSN connections, ensure all machines in the environment are using the exact same drivers and name under the System DSN tab.
NOTE: For details on the steps above, click here.

Resolution 2

  1. Configure a DSN-less connection on the workflow.
NOTE: For more information on creating DSN-less connections, click here.